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Fitness and nutrition

Our fitness center has all the required equipment needed to stay in shape, for physical recoveries or to simply practice your favorite activity. We also have a fitness room with cardiovascular machines and a multipurpose room where they perform various group classes led by the attentive and professional supervision of a monitor:spinning, pilates, yoga, toning, zumba, belly dancing, corebar, classes for pregnant women, children and babies swimming, etc..  paddle tennis also available outside. To help you successfully achieve your goals, we offer an exclusive personal training service, with the latest measurements in technologies and body health, with which we will design an individualized plan of exercise, diet and nutrition tips to help you get the objective need.
Our personal training sessions are aimed to target the customer who wants to:
• Enhance specific physical qualities: endurance, strength, speed, etc..
• Improve physical preparation specified in your sport: soccer, tennis, golf, paddle tennis, swimming, athletics, etc..
•Improve  general welfare: anti-stress therapy, hygiene and postural recovery back or other injury (by prescription) etc..
• Improve personal image: drop weights, toning, muscle definition, abdomen, buttocks, postpartum recovery, etc..